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Croissant £1.80
Pain au Chocolate £1.90
Today’s Friand £2.70
58% Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie £2.90
Rookery Farm Eggs - Scrambled, Poached or Fried £2.70
On Toasted Ciabatta or Crunch Meal £0.80
On Toasted Bagel £1.60
On Croissant £1.80
With Baked Beans  £2.10
With Slow Roast Tomatoes £1.40
With Dry Cured Dingley Bell Back Bacon £1.90
Bacon Sarnie £3.90
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel £3.80
Granola with Greek Yoghurt and Poached Fruit £3.85
Porridge with Raisins and Brown Sugar £2.80