The Guardian: 10 of the Best Pubs in London
Matt Brown

"King's Cross is in the middle of a cultural revolution. The former red-light district has changed beyond recognition as smart bars and restaurants move in. 06 St Chad's Place is a prime example, tucked away down a dingy cobbled alley that, 10 years ago, you wouldn't have touched with someone else's bargepole. The bar space is magnificent: a Victorian warehouse reworked in a distinctly Scandinavian style, with huge train themed murals nodding to the site's rail heritage. Three centuries ago, Londoners flocked to the site to sup from the health-giving St Chad's Well. Today, it's populated by suits and office workers."

Camden Gazette

"...Hidden gem delivers first class dining..."

Your London Wedding

Laura and Dan's wedding reception at 06 St Chad's Place is featured on the cover of 'Your London Wedding' 

"...We didn't want anything too formal and we both love industrial architecture, so finding 06 St Chad's Place hidden away over the railway was like striking gold.'

Time Out London

"...Undoubtedly one of King's Cross' top venues..."


"...extremely pleasant lunch, in a place which is going to be the place to be in King's Cross..."


"...Pretty much the perfect resource for local workers..."